What Lies Under?Obama's Pompous Pieties?

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    This column has frequently documented how Senator Barack Obama's rhetoric is usually the opposite of his reality. For example, he talks bipartisanship, but has consistently followed the hard-left liberal wing of the Democratic Party. He talks change and reform, but has been mired in the corrupt Cook County Chicago political machine. He says he loves America but hangs out with and supports Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright for twenty years and associates with terrorists and other hate-America types. He talks of his new approach but serves up only the worn-out Democratic Party dogma that have been pushed for 20 years but always failed.


    When you scrape beneath his parade of pious platitudes, pompous pieties, glittering generalities, and pretty speeches, you find a hard core of left-wing liberalism, radicalism and socialism.

    A clever author, Brad O'Leary, author of a new book The Audacity of Deceit, has come up with a test to show you how the mainstream of America disagrees with Mr. Obama's radical positions and shelf-worn liberalism. He has devised the test presented in this column. The questions are verbatim from Mr. O'Leary with some of my comments.

    Take the test or at least read it, and you'll probably find out how far away Obama is from not only Republicans but also from most Americans. The test is divided into different subjects, which appear hereafter in capitals.

    Social Values

    1. Barack Obama recently said, "The first thing I'd do as president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act." This legislation would wipe out all state and federal abortion restrictions including the partial-birth abortion ban. Do you agree or disagree with Barack Obama's statement? A Zogby poll found 53.9 percent disagree with his statement, while only 38.5 percent agree. I'd add one observation to the test question: Mr. Obama's view would mean that state laws would be wiped out that now require infants who survive botched abortions to be treated as persons entitled to medical care. So such infants could be left to die, as was the case in Illinois, before legislation was passed that Obama opposed. You might say Obama is not only pro-choice but also pro-infanticide and pro-murder. The other answers to these questions stating views of all Americans are based on polls from Zogby and Associated Television News.

    2. Do you favor or oppose a woman's right to an abortion based on the sex of the fetus? Americans overwhelmingly oppose such a right, with 82.2 percent of Americans in opposition. Only 12.3 percent of Americans are in agreement, including Senator Obama. Obama is not just pro-choice; he is the most radical, extremist in the U.S. Senate in favor of abortion. He must think one of the primary reasons for writing the U.S. Constitution was to give abortionists unlimited rights with no restraints.

    3. Do you agree or disagree that a physician should be legally required to notify the parents of an underage girl who requests an abortion? Here again Obama is in a minority of 19.7 percent of Americans who disagree with that requirement of notification. The vast majority of Americans, 77 percent, agree that physicians should be required to notify parents in the case of a minor seeking an abortion. Mr. Obama is not just a liberal. He is a far out extremist radical on this and many other issues.


    1. Presently 85 percent of American energy comes from fossil fuels while 7 percent comes from alternative energy sources. Do you support or oppose increasing taxes on fossil fuels in an effort to force our nation to increase its reliance on alternative or renewable energy sources and reduce environmental pollution - even if doing so would mean the taxes are eventually passed on to the consumer? Only 35 percent of Americans along with Sen.. Obama support such tax increases. In opposition are 60.9 percent of Americans. Sen. Obama can't get away from his liberal roots, which force him to raise taxes and increase regulation almost automatically for almost every problem.

    2. Until recently, the U.S. has maintained a moratorium on oil drilling off our coasts. Should the U.S. begin drilling for oil 50 miles off our shores, as China is doing in cooperation with Cuba, even if the U.S. won't realize the potential benefits for another one to three years? A heavy majority of Americans, 68.1 percent, want us to drill now to cut our reliance on oil often coming from our enemies and costing us hundreds of billions of dollars sent to governments that may even be financing terrorism. Only 23.4 percent agree with Obama. Instead of drilling, Sen. Obama would rely on everyone checking the air in their tires and tuning up their cars. Sen. Obama deserves credit for making such ridiculous policy proposals with a straight face. As I've often said, if the public understands Sen. Obama, his proposals, his philosophy, and his associates, he would be laughed off the electoral stage. Incidentally, if America shows it will start drilling now, it will benefit us immediately, as the market will react to future new supplies, and come down as a consequence.

    3. There are 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. today that produce 20 percent of America's energy needs and no accident has occurred at these reactors in 30 years. Other nations, such as France, are far more reliant on nuclear power, as 77 percent of that nation's electricity comes from nuclear sources. How much of America's energy needs would you like to see nuclear reactors meet? Most Americans, 58.6 percent, would like to see America generate as much energy as possible from nuclear power. Sen. Obama and a small minority of 12 percent say we should limit nuclear to 20 percent of our energy needs. That means Sen. Obama favors the status quo, with no additional energy coming from nuclear. He would thus threaten the health of our economy and the security of our nation by not producing our essential energy needs at home.


    1. Do you agree or disagree that Homeland Security should have to seek out a warrant in federal court in order to perform search and seizure on a non-citizen on American soil suspected of being involved in terrorism? A majority of Americans, 58.1 percent, disagree. Obama and only 41.9 percent agree. As I've pointed out the liberal mentality seems to have more concern for terrorists and terror suspects than our own military. This is one of many rights they would accord non-citizen suspects that may be involved in terrorism. They would accord special rights even to enemy combatants. Our laws and Constitution should not be a suicide pact, and we should not throw unreasonable roadblocks in the way of those fighting the war on terror.

    2. Should someone who is not a U.S. citizen, being held under suspicion of terrorism, be afforded Constitutional rights? Only Sen. Obama and 30.1 percent of Americans agree. Some 64 percent of Americans disagree. There's a good discussion of this kind of excessive concern and manufacturing of rights for terrorists in the book by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann entitled Fleeced.

    3. If American deaths in Iraq are greatly reduced and stability has returned to the Iraqi government, should American troops withdraw in 18 months, or should they withdraw gradually over a longer timeframe? Most Americans prefer the longer time frame, 51.3 percent. Sen. Obama and 43.6 percent prefer the 18-month timeframe. Of course, if Obama had his way, we would have already retreated from Iraq and turned control of the Middle East over to our enemies, to terrorists, and to Iran.

    4. A question that the author of the list should have added would go like this: Do you favor cutbacks in our defense budget and missile defense capabilities? This is the kind of reckless disregard of the dangerous world in which we live that Obama is guilty of.


    1. Do you favor or oppose an increase in the tax that stockholders pay on returns from 15 percent to nearly 40 percent? In opposition are 65.9 percent of Americans. Only 25.6 percent of Americans agree with Sen. Obama on this. The author of the questions tried to get Sen. Obama's latest position on this and all other issues. But a flip-flopper like Sen. Obama with his finger in the wind is up in the air with his decision making most of the time, so it's hard to predict where and when he lands with a new position.

    2. Do you favor or oppose raising the top tax rate on the self-employed from 37.9 percent to 54.9 percent? Only 10.5 percent of Americans, Sen. Obama included, favor this tax increase. In opposition are 84.5 percent.

    3. America's 3.7 million Sub Chapter S corporations, which are small companies with less than 75 stockholders, are currently taxed at a rate of 35 percent. Do you favor or oppose increasing the tax rate on these businesses to 50.3 percent? Here again, 85.4 percent oppose this tax increase, with only 8.7 percent and Obama in favor of it.


    Some say Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes and increase trade barriers are similar to those created by President Herbert Hoover in the 1930s, which contributed to worsening America's economy. Do you think Sen. Obama's plans will worsen the economy as well, or do you think they will help the economy? Some 49.8 percent of Americans say Sen. Obama's plans will worsen the economy. Only 34.1 percent think his plans will help the economy. Sen. Obama is set to repeat all the economic and foreign policy mistakes made in the 1930s, from more protectionism, which brought on depressions to more appeasement, which gave totalitarians a chance to challenge the free world and almost win.

    Health Care

    Do you agree or disagree with Barack Obama's $65 billion plan to institute taxpayer funded universal health coverage, which would provide health insurance for those currently uninsured, including illegal immigrants? Only 35.1 percent of Americans agree, while 59.9 percent disagree. Mr. Morris and Ms. McGann make a persuasive case that the Obama plan would wreck our current health delivery system, still the best in the world, and lead to rationing of care.

    Felon Voting

    At the present time, states have the right to individually determine if an ex-felon can be granted the right to vote. If a new bill proposed in the U.S. Senate were approved, it would restore voting rights immediately to 5 million ex-felons nationwide through federal legislation, regardless of state laws. Do you favor or oppose the bill? Sen. Obama and 35.5 percent of Americans favor the bill. But 54 percent of Americans oppose the bill.

    Second Amendment

    Currently, 36 states have laws that allow residents to qualify for a permit to carry a firearm if they pass a background check, if they take a firearms safety-training course, and if they pay a fee to cover administrative costs. Do you support or oppose such laws? Sen. Obama and 14.8 of Americans oppose such laws giving citizens the right to arm in self-defense and self-protection. Most Americans, 77.6 percent, support such laws.


    According to news reports, the Global Poverty Act will be coming up for a vote soon in the United States Senate. The bill would commit U.S. taxpayers to spend an estimated $845 billion over 13 years on third-world countries and would make U.S. policy to try to achieve the United Nation's goal of cutting extreme global poverty in half by 2015. Do you favor or oppose this bill becoming law? Half of Americans oppose the bill, while Obama and 28.3 percent favor it. Notice Sen. Obama is solving all the world's problems and all our problems, while he claims to be cutting taxes on 95 percent of Americans while embarking on hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending. He hasn't explained how he will make this all work, with skyrocketing spending and a shrinking tax base. Perhaps he is starting to believe the picture painted by the mainstream media of a God-like figure.

    This is only part of the test. The full test is online at BarackObamaTest.com ::: Before you vote... take the test. The author of the test says you should score yourself one point for every time you agree with Sen. Obama, and subtract one point for every disagreement. If you come out in the positive range, then you should vote for Sen. Obama. The author writes, "However, if you score in the negative range, then you need to seriously consider if his positions are really what you want for America over the next four years."

    The Bulletin - Philadelphia's Family Newspaper - What Lies Under?Obama's Pompous Pieties?
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    It's a shame the lefty extremist don't understand the difference between right and wrong, truth and lies, or this might enlighten them.

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