What are we doing here?

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    What are we doing here?

    If history is any judge, humanity has been slowly and painfully dividing up and claiming the natural resources of this planet. Since you came from a past where food had a tendency to be plentiful in some times and scarce the next year, it’s no wonder humans have developed a ‘winner take all’ strategy for their human family. There has always been so many humans, so much competition... There has been a mad dash for control over the planets resources, including its human resources, ever since humanity crawled out of Africa saying “Duuuuuuudes! Check out what’s beyond this valley!”

    You want proof its true? Sports.

    More proof? Humanity has organized some very successful enterprises in the name of controlling resources. This planet has long had multiple organizational and private enterprises, with varying degrees of control over considerable resources. The days of looking for food on a daily basis, while not long ago for a great majority, are gone now for almost half the family. The infrastructure you’ve constructed is amazing! Y'all are lucky here. This world has so much in the way of resources, and throughout history humanity has so easily traveled its surface to find or follow them, that by the time you became planetary aware, as a species, a lot of different individuals and organizations had significant control of the planets resources and the power to defend them. Imagine if the organization called ‘The Roman Government’ had survived to control it all. Even the dozen or so monarchies that various families organized to take Rome's stuff would have sucked to have been born broke in, at least statistically.

    With a planet this size and this abundant with resources, the winner take all strategy fast-tracked humanity to planetary awareness quickly, albeit cruelly. Efficiency at claiming resources came quickly because of the ability of humans to organize. The problem with an organized ‘winner takes all’ strategy as an overall plan for humanity to divvy up the planets resources is that even if you win, you can’t take it with you.

    At best, that leaves your kids squabbling like a soap opera over your stuff… at worst it leaves nations.

    Just my ramblin' opinion...


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