Veronica (Lady of the Lake): Orphan/Operation

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    This is a mirror-fantasy parable inspired by the film Lady in the Water.

    Signing off (thanks for everything USMB),


    "My name is Veronica. I'm a space-traveller. I live in the world across the axis from the dimension you humans know as 'normal life.' People may search for me, but to find me, you have to be pure of heart and understand the reality of consciousness that exists just beyond your known perceptions, the world you see everyday across that axis of delusion you think separates you from the world you see inside the mirror. Poets, madmen, and orphans may search for me."


    "My name is Alas. I'm a knight. I'm from the modern world, but I work with the everyday problems we see on Earth, including eco-pollution, political corruption, and social betrayals. I first conceived of Veronica when I started meditating on the possibility that the mythical Lady of the Lake (from Arthurian legend) could be real! To me, Veronica (the Lady of the Lake) is a muse of mercy, a woman who forgives our insecurities regarding daydreaming about love without having to invest completely in love itself (since, perhaps, we may be handicapped in some fashion!). Veronica is the love of my life. She reminds me that the problems of the world (such as global terrorism) are soothed by the daydreams of simple human comforts."


    "My name is Leatherface. I'm a chainsaw-wielding cannibal and all-around psycho. I profess about the reality and fascination with terrorism and murder. To me, Veronica is indeed the Lady of the Lake, and she is my guardian angel, for she reminds me that no matter how many people I kill, she will still be there as my muse of carnal pleasure. Veronica is not a lusty woman but rather a 'sister of sensation.' Only Alas (the sweet knight) stands in my way, and if Alas fails to embrace the reality of the 'fantasy-world' that exists across the axis of the perceived world on the other side of mirrors(!), I will claim Veronica as my own (now that the Winter Olympics in South Korea is approaching and humanity is pensive about 'real world' imagination!)."



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