Urim and Thummim

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    Hi Friends,
    I was wondering if there's any of you out there that have ever heard or researched anything on this subject? It seems to be of some great importance of the high priest in the old testament. There's only brief word of it in the old testament.like in ex;28;30. Aaron was Moses brother of 3 yrs older.He was a high priest.In ex;19;24 god tells Moses to bring Aaron upto the mountain with him.I myself believe this is where god blessed Aaron with the Urim and Thummim. A lot of people get the breastplate mixed up with the UT.The UT was kept in a pocket made into the ephod which was worn under the breastplate. It's a great biblical subject.If you'll go to youtube and enter in words Urim and Thummim ,theres a trailer of what this man in ky claims to have.Several people also describe images they themselves have seen as they look into this object.It is hard to imagine that this isn't some kind of biblical artifact.
    I have to tell you friends that that person with this object is me. It's unbelievable how I was blessed to be the one with something of great biblical revelance.Please watch the trailer and email me back with suggestions and questions.My email address is sing4uky@yahoo.com. May God bless You and All whom Believe!

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