Trump does the right thing, has a bilateral deal with Mexico, now he can tear up NAFTA

Discussion in 'Economy' started by shockedcanadian, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Remember what I have said guys, time and time again. Canada has NO interest in giving anything, they lobby you're government, isolate weak willed politicians and believe they can avoid any fair trade. Well, Mexico threw Canada under the bus (as I knew they were doing the last three weeks) and now Trump can force Canada to accept terms, or rip up NAFTA and have two bilateral deals.

    If he rips up NAFTA, he will get a major boost in the Mid Terms. Canada never listens to people like me they just choose to destroy us. Like all abusive nations terrorize their own citizens.

    Now THAT funny avatar response below is one I can respect. After so many years of pain and hoping America would wake up so my suffering was not in vain, Trump drops this howitzer. As I type, Chrystia Freedland has left her European trip short to head to America, all concerned now that Canada allowed the apparatus to guide them into the abyss.

    For this, as much as I am in pain, I too, share a giggle or two...
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    Canada will join in and sign on soon as their leader gets over his hissy fit....

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