The war on men

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    This topic is probably one of the main reasons I put my blog together. I believe the war on men is part of a larger conflict. It is part of the war on traditional marriage and family, and ultimately the war against God.

    A fox news contributor Suzanne Venker wrote an article back on November 26th 2012 entitled ”The war on men”. I believe she accurately summarizes what I and many other men have felt for years, but few of us will speak on it publicly. I actually have spoken my opinion with some family and friends, and even risked a bit of backlash at work.

    There are two articles that Miss Venker wrote on this topic - this is the first of two, the full article can be found here.

    Here are some quotes from her Miss Venker:

    The key statement from her quote above is:

    “Women aren’t women anymore.”

    Women today are angry and look at men as the enemy – someone who holds them back, someone to be competed with. From a Christian Biblical perspective, I believe women(even many Christian women), don’t respect their husbands anymore, and certainly most will not let their husbands be their head as the Bible clearly commands them.

    Ephesians 5:23(NIV):

    Disclaimer: Just to be perfectly clear, I do believe women are equal to men in their humanity and can be equal in their intelligence on a general level. I don’t believe however that men and women’s brains are identical in their advantages and disadvantages. While there are some brilliant women mathematicians and scientists, they are in the minority. I don’t believe in our modern age that women are in the minority(in math and science occupations) because of sexism. I believe it is just one of the many differences in how a man and woman’s mind work.

    This statement below is a great summary by Miss Venker of how men are designed and what they want:

    “Men want to love women, not compete with them. They want to provide for and protect their families – it’s in their DNA. But modern women won’t let them.”

    Whether you believe in God or the Bible this is clear. The vast majority of men want to provide for and protect their families – and she is absolutely right, it is built into our DNA. That is why most men see something very wrong with the idea(and reality) of Mr. Moms.

    Those men who don’t know the Bible may be scratching their heads as to why they have such a problem Mr. Moms, but if we know the scripture we understand well why it is so wrong. Are there exceptions for men that may be disabled and cannot work so they stay home – off course. But as I have said and will say on this site many times – Exceptions NEVER negate norms.

    I Timothy 5:8(NIV):

    By the way,the gender here in the Greek(the original language of the New Testament), is male. The context of the passage at large is male. The Bible does not forbid a woman from providing for the home, but it also does not command her to provide. The Bible DOES command a man to be the provider. If an able bodied man does not provide for his family he has shamed himself and his faith(if he is a believer).

    Let me revisit another thing she mentioned here – competition. Ladies – we as men might find it cute when you try to compete with us in a video game, or playing darts. But we DON’T find it cute when you try to compete with us in leading the home or providing for the family. We don’t find it attractive one bit when a woman tries to act like a man. It’s just a fact, whether you like it or not.

    I believe the destruction of the family today in America(as well as Europe and other areas of the world) – is very much linked to feminism. To be blunt, women in many parts of the world have become rebellious toward their role in society, to their husbands, and ultimately toward God.

    God designed a woman to a nurturer, a caregiver. She was designed as a helpmeet to her husband, she was designed to bear children and care for them. The Bible is crystal clear on this.

    Here are commands by the Apostle Paul regarding the role of woman in Titus 2:3-5:

    Again the Bible gives commands regarding the role of women as God designed them here in I Timothy 5:14(KJV):

    So where the Bible clearly commands a man to provide for his family, it also clearly commands a woman to marry, have children and take care of her house. It commands her to be obedient and in subjection to her husband. Our world(even the modern Christian world) – is in direct rebellion towards these commands.

    Yes the Bible allows for people not to marry, and Paul was not married and said it was better for some people not to marry. But this was the exception and not the norm, and celibacy was to be used in the service of God, to dedicate one’s life completely to God.

    I know there are many women who truly want to married, who want to find the right man. They long for the man God has for them. I am not talking about you. The women I am talking towards are those who believe their career and independence are more important than the function God designed them for. Women who don’t want to be “held back” by a man and having children. They shake their fists in God’s face by their rebellion towards his design.

    Miss Venker is absolutely right – women need to surrender to their femininity, and let men be men. Really for a woman, her surrender to her femininity is her surrender to the will of God for her life. Woman may say it, they may pretend it, but I do not believe that any woman who goes against God’s will for her life is truly happy, and she won’t be until she follows God’s design and will for her life.

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