The Personhood Movement

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    The “personhood” movement is a recent off-shoot of the “pro-life” movement. It seeks to declare that a zygote is a “human being” and “person” from the moment of conception.
    “Personhood” advocates reject the claim that “life” or rights begin at “quickening,” when a fetus begins to move in the womb.

    It's first attempt to outlaw not only abortion, but the pill, the IUD, and IVF, was launched in Colorado in 2008, with Amendment 48, which was defeated.

    Personhood USA and like-minded groups participated in political campaigns in Georgia,
    Montana, Mississippi, Alaska, Nevada, and North Dakota. While Personhood USA fell short of “its goal: Personhood initiatives in all 50 states,” it has extended its campaign far beyond Colorado.

    Mike Huckabee endorsed this movment.

    It is wise to learn about it before it's too late, and women will no longer be able to use contraception and 58,000 IVF babies will no longer be born.

    Personhood USA | Protecting the pre-born by love and by law

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