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    3 guys were traveling and it was getting pretty late,so they thought they should stop for the they were out in the country the only thing they saw was a they stopped knocked on the door and the farmer answered....asking him if he had a place they could bed down for the night,the farmer replied,"as a matter of fact i do,but there is only one bed".....the guys said that is fine as we are very tired and need to they go to the room and get a great night sleep....upon awaking the next day,the guy sleeping on the right side of the bed says"i had the most vivid and real dream last night,i dreamt i was getting jacked off,it was unbelievably real"....the guy on the left side of the bed says"holy shit i had the same kinda dream,i was being jacked off too" they both turn to the guy in the middle and ask him if he had the same dream also....he replies"yes as a matter of fact i did dream too, but i dreamt i was skiing........

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