“Talban” people open enemy for Pakistan

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    “Talban” people open enemy for Pakistan

    I want to share my true feelings regarding TALBAN people never consider they are sincere OR ROYAL to Pakistan or Islam. Always remain busy to make attempt bomb blast, suicide attacks, target killings, blown school/colleges and targeted Government nature important places. All ways they want to hit Pakistan economy and make un-saver place due to their terrioritis activities freely conduct but surprise none of single Talban terrorists real way punished or hanged?

    Talban people killed many innocents for what reasons or they people got license to kill innocents to proof they are mad, brainless or no authority have power first to catch and later punished that is why they are freely and without fear doing frequent attacks which destroy our economy and loose image of our country worldwide that Pakistan is heaven for terrorist activities.

    Talban people not enemy or killer of alone Shia’s but they are killers of countless innocents belongs to Army, Navy, and Police, Religious scholars, renowned personality and our Sunni brothers. Any one asked question which religion they follow? Which is their ideal or whom they learn to killed innocents and weak the country in which they are living or get shelter? Which is well organized and planned conprisy against Pakistan? Those foreign invisible hands using TALBAN to destroy our economy but a common man understand why our Government not take seriously and when awake and destroy their entire network so they do not able to stand and re-united again in our country motherland forever.

    Perhaps they do not deserve or right to called them a HUMAN BEING but they are worst than animal ( dog and pigs ). But a un-solved question in mind which is disturbing Millions of people which source TALBAN getting finance, training their activities and shelters. Whenever any activities of SSP or TTP caught BY OUR police or Ranger than why covered their faces. They are more modern doing “hijab” or covered faced that no body knew who are they and can used them in future such terrorist’s activies.

    Which instructions they obey and any news how many dead TALBAN yet reach “heaven” by killing innocents or doing suicide attacks. Understand this very well no one can reach Heaven by killing a single animal but these Talaban spreading a foolish image if you killed shia’s than angle is awaiting for you when you reach Heaven. Their real place is HELL where they people not burn but face punished forever. Those who support, finance or satisfied with their activities all are consider committed same crime all are equally punishable in the eyes of God. That reasons all sects of Muslims widely and openly condemned entire Talban activities and no relationship with Islam and consider open enemy of all sects in Pakistan.

    In last I pray to God destroy all Talban leaders, activities, their supporters and financers so our country will free of these terrorist attacks and save all human beings no matter he is Muslims or Non-Muslims followers, No one have right or power to kill anyone?

    Talban mad people are you exempted from Judgment day, not fear how will face the God that time you will pay the price of your all terrorist activies that time you will all together for which you are working evil nature but your dream never fulfill till judgment day comes. What happen to SHAH OF IRAN and SADDAM HUSSAIN they did as United States order but how their ends. Which heaven or hell they are right now. Killed millions of innocents you should get lesson from what happen to Past. If you have no interest to stay in this world than only one place of entire Talban people which is “hell” this is exact right place where they go and deserve due to their activities.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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