Survey Says: Both Democrats and Republicans don't know squat about people.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SlateRockwell, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Politicians all together haven't the slightest idea of what their jobs are about. It's like working at the checkout line and not knowing how to use the cash register!
    These people work for us! They are supposed to be representatives of the PEOPLE. Why is it impossible to get in contact with these people? I will tell you why. The politicians are lining their pockets to the biggest bidder out there. They are filthy rich from lobbyists.
    It's like Ebay for how your life is conducted. BUY IT NOW FOR $2,000,000... Sold to the Stupid Bible thumper who doesn't understand that if the parent doesn't want the child it will rott in a foster home! NO MORE ABORTION!!!!
    Why would they care about your problems? Their problems are how they can build off their mansion to make a full size indoor tennis court.
    I will put it in terms they will understand... The Politicians have double faulted and that's Match Point! It's over! Get off the court so others can play!
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