Sudan and Darfur

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    What do you think about this war ?

    I had a speech about Suda, and it is quite disturbing for a hope.

    Sudan was independnat in 1956, but then, a civil war was between the north - ethny : "arabians", even if they're black - and the south - "blacks" - . Oil is in the south, and since the antiquity, since the Old Egypt, the south and north Sudan don't like themselves.
    The English colonisation here make that the country was quite cutted in 2 parts, but the war between "arabians" and "blacks" was not possible. But it also make a stronger separation between the 2 ethnies.

    And when Sudan became independant, then was a war.
    The war was from 1956 to 1972, when Ethiopia made an accord between North and South.
    But in 1983, again the war, and until 2005 : january, the 9th, 2005, peace treaty between North and South.

    And then, war in Darfur.
    The ethny in Darfur - the Furs - is not the same than in North.

    They want their independance, and the North - Karthoum - refuse.
    The North sent the Jaujawdis, who kill the people of Darfurs.

    An UN commission, with Cassese, an Italian, was sent in Darfur, to see if a Genocide was committed here.
    Conclusion :
    It is not a genocide, becasue the North - Army and also their jaujawdis - dion't kill becasue the others are Furs, but "only " becasue they're ennemies.

    But the hostile intention is the same than the one during a genocide.
    So, it is a Crime against Humanity.
    so, the UN security council (UNSC) should have to traduce Sudan to the International Penal Court. are the problems :
    in the UNSC there is Algeria and PAkistan, who are muslims, and they 'll probably vote against this idea, to support Sudan, a muslim country.

    Russia will maybe vote against too, - and then veto - because they don't like the interferences in a sovereign country'as affairs...

    But there is also CHINA :

    IN south Sudan, there is a lot of oil.
    Before, 2 countries exploited this oil : a canadian company - Diamant (or Diamond,if the name is english) - and a chinese company.
    Canada call back it company, because the public opinion of Canada was against an exploitation in Suand, where civil wars and lot of poors are - simplification of the canadian opinion, but it is a little bit like this - .
    But the chinese oil Co. is still here, so, CHINA would probably vote against becasue China need the sudanese oil.

    So, an UN intervention would be really not sure.

    USA and France are for an intervention...
    But with some vetos, it would be hard.
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    Wouldn't this lead you to believe China wouldn't oppose UN intervention? Unless they have something else in mind.
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    Rape as a weapon of war...
    Rape reaches 'epic proportions' in South Sudan's civil war
    Mar 25,`17 -- After months of being raped by her rebel captors in the middle of South Sudan's civil war, the young woman became pregnant. Held in a muddy pit, sometimes chained to other prisoners, she later watched her hair fall out and her weight plummet. But the child was a spark of life.

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