Shipment of Medicines to Arrive in Venezuela from India

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    I am glad to see Indian medicines are beginning to reach a wider global consumer group.


    Caracas, Jun 11 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Health, Indhriana Parada, announced today that a shipment of medicines will arrive from India this week, as part of an agreement signed by both nations.
    By participating in the program Together for Sovereignty, broadcast by Radio Nacional de Venezuela, the official stated that among the products received are included those belonging to the range of immunosuppressants and antiretrovirals.

    She recalled that Venezuela and India signed an agreement last year for the supply of medicines in order to face the shortage promoted by oligarchic sectors, and counteract the effects of economic and financial sanctions imposed by the United States, measures that affect the acquisition of medical supplies.

    Parada cited cases previously reported by the Bolivarian government about the freezing of funds for the purchase of medicines, such as the blocking of transactions or shipments of 300,000 doses of insulin for diabetic patients, treatments against malaria or oncological diseases, among others.

    In this regard, the Minister of Health of Venezuela, Luis Lopez, said in the aforementioned space that the pharmaceutical transnationals are part of the blockade promoted by Washington and its allies, through pressure to private laboratories to boycott the production and distribution of medicines in the South American country.

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