Sandra Day O'Connor's Best and Worst Statements

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    Best: Roe v. Wade is on a "collision course with itself." Reason: This decision was based on outdated medical evidence that , for the first three months, an abortion was safer than full term pregnancy; therefor a State could not prohibit a safer medical procedure. Similarly, six months into a pregnancy was thought to be the point of fetal viability outside the womb. Problem: Abortions are getting safer and fetal viability is getting earlier to the point where they now overlap.

    Worst: We may need Affirmative Action "for another 25 years." What kind of legal reasoning is this? Are the words in the Constitution written in disappearing ink? Why would something be constitutional now but not in 25 years? This is a prime example of unelected Judges imposing their own political views on society in direct contravention of the Constitution, which places this authority in the Legislative Branch.

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