Romney speaks with forked tongue

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LilOlLady, Sep 14, 2012.

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    (Speaks out both sides of this mouth)
    James 3; 1-18

    Romney speaks with forked tongue when the criticize Obama from every angel and facts and pool show he is lying and yet he keep it up. The majority of Americans know we are better off today than four years ago. Four years ago we were headed toward a depression and thanks to Obama’s policies, today we are in a recovery from the worse economical and financially crash Obama inherited from the Bush administration since the depression.
    No way mathematically can Romney cut more taxes, cut government spending, cut out Government jobs and programs for the poor and create a massive jobs training program can he create even one job, much less 12 million. Oh, yes, now the “forked tongue one” claim he can create 100,000 jobs.
    When congress don’t work, the federal reserve does.
    Was the right wing video bashing Islam a right wing conspiracy to take talks away from the campaign where Romney was losing big time?
    Iran is no threat, just like Iraq was no threat. No WMDs in Iraq and no nuclear weapons in Iran. Romney was for Iran before he was against Iran. Man swings like a pendulum back and forth depending on barometric pressure.

    Ps. Pleased don’t put Romney in charge of the red button because we will bomb, bomb Iran as a priority.

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