Remember the Conversation Pit?

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    YOU HAD TO BE THERE.... It was a late 1960’s idea of constructing a carpeted “pit” into the floor in a room set aside for socializing with your friends, deep enough in some cases to need steps. They didn’t stay popular for a very long time; and by the 80’s they had lost their appeal and were reconciled to the oblivion of ancient memory, but what the heck happened to them?...... A question asked below.

    Remember when every new home that was built had a one-car garage? Many of those diminutive garages were destined to be remodeled into “Family Rooms” - even though they had a sloping floor from front to back.

    Here’s a tongue in cheek spoof about some of those things we did like those two, or that concerned us in the 70’s, and by the time the 80’s rolled around were mostly relegated to the past. These were things a part of our culture back then. If you share an experience from that era, you will “get it”. Some of these embarrass us if we were there. Many of the younger people here will wonder what they were all about. I guess you had to be there…..

    As a Custom Builder, I would take a copies of this along with me on my first visit to the homes of my prospective clients as a tool to discover if they had a healthy sense of humor. I found this was a good indicator of whether or not they took themselves too seriously. If these are mostly funny to you, it's pretty likely you can laugh at your own foibles or eccentricities, which is a healthy thing IMO.

    Some will seem “cryptic”, arcane, and dated, but most are still as funny as ever.


    BTW here's a really cool conversation pit!
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