Paul v. Spitzer

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    I haven't been the biggest Rand Paul supporter, but he more than held his own against the VERY DISINGENIOUS now news anchor "John" Spitzer!

    First off, Paul was good enough to come on Spitzer's show, so Spitzer should have given him respect. The man tried to catch Paul in cheap gotta games (extremely cheap journalism), was highly arrogant and didn't hide his agenda of trying to make Paul look bad! I mean the question of how much did you make as a doctor. Fuck you Spitzer, that is none of your god damn business and added nothing to the interview. Then Spitzer constantly tried to toss words in Paul's mouth and tried to do scoundel mischaracterizations of what Paul was saying.

    Second, even with the full on assault Spitzer gave Paul, Paul more than held his own and repelled the attack with smoothness, substance and style!

    Bravo Paul!!

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