Mitt not re-upping his S.C. and Fla. TV time

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    Mitt not re-upping his S.C. and Fla. TV time

    Mitt Romney hasn't extended his television presence into next week in South Carolina and Florida, an aide confirms.

    Romney has been on TV for months in both states, owning the airwaves long before his GOP rivals purchased their first spots.

    But his multimillion-dollar investment in the two key states that may ultimately decide the GOP nominee has not paid off as he continues to lag behind rivals there.

    Spokesman Kevin Madden declined to say whether their decision was based upon strategy or money.

    "The strategic decisions on ad spending are made on a day-by-day basis," Madden said. "We are on the air in both South Carolina and Florida and are ready to extend those ad buys should we decide to."

    Romney has repeatedly refused to divulge how much of his personal fortune he has spent this quarter, but his total investment was already at $17 million at the end of the third quarter, and he's certainly chipped in millions more since to underwrite an ad campaign that, at year's end, spanned the first five primary states.

    Ten days before South Carolina and 20 before Florida it's difficult to see why he'd go dark in either crucial state, unless he's decided to limit how much of his own cash he's using on what has so far been a disappointing campaign.

    UPDATE: Another indication that Romney is easing back on the self-funding — an adviser tells AP's Glen Johnson that they recognize that their ad campaign wasn't terribly effective and that now they're going to focus on earned media. Also known as free media.

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