Man takes fight to Capitol

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    Man takes fight to Capitol

    A man named Eddie, invited as a speaker at the California Capitol. Eddie expressed his concerns in front of hundreds of veterans and politicians about the miss treatment of his Ideas for to preserve wildlife animals by Anheuser-Busch Corporation. With Animals such as Alligators, Ice Penguins, Commando like Ferrets, Eddies intention was to generate cash for the Black Footed ferrets and other animal causes. Sure enough Alligators, Ice Penguins, and Commando like Ferrets began showing up in “Budweiser Commercials, over the years.”

    During this legislative session even the Governor, at the time was present. Assemblyman George House, voiced his opinion and said “ to much for mere-coincident and I should seek legal cancel.”

    Along the way the brewer did ask Eddie, to sign a couple of pieces of paper that gave away the story. Anhueser-Busch’s Lawyers, they had Eddie sign non-confidential agreements to the Alligator and Ice Penguin, and Commando like Ferrets. Then surprise in 1995-1999 commando ferrets, Ice Penguins, Alligators were being used in Super Bowls.

    The DAV supporters of Eddie’s in North Highlands said” you really have to think is this Bud really for you! It makes you think!

    In the middle of the this Anheuser-Busch Conspiracy, a grudge letter was established by the Teamsters in February of 97’ a congressman acted on my behalf to look into a grievance of mine and the Sacramento Teamsters local 150 was angered by the congressman’s involvement and the Secretary Treasure and Business Agent at the time, started defaming my character to the Congressman.

    Fellow Costco Corporate Contributors, played their important part on their end with this Teamster and Anheuser-Busch conspiracy. While Costco was pressured to let me go at the job which was a Teamster establishment. They were pushed to fight my unemployment even with a new born baby who attended this hearing along with my wife. Eddie Appealed the CUIAB and won momentarily, then Costco re-appealed the decision to make sure, “I suffered along with my new family.”


    Eddie Verdon

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