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    ... it's been a heck of a night ... Elvis was in the house.

    I was sitting in tonight with a friend's mother tonight because my friend is just about at the end of her rope right now and just couldn't do it. She tried to get a restraint to keep her mother from standing up and falling out of her wheelchair but Medicare will not allow restraints, basically, until someone actually does fall. My friend called me this morning and her mother had wheeled herself into the bathroom, got out of her chair, and, you guessed it, she fell to the floor and couldn't get up. Staff came by and didn't see her so checked the bathroom and there she was. No injuries, thank God, but they had to disentangle the wheelchair before they could ever get to her.

    She's been distraught the entire day and is panic stricken but she doesn't not like that lap restraint.

    Anyway, I convinced her to leave her room to go see Elvis. Yes. She said she thought his music was down right dirty but she didn't forbid her children not to watch ... she just hoped they wouldn't. Well, anybody who was a teenager around the 50s-60s knows how that worked out. She did admit that his music was tame compared to what has followed.

    Elvis was in his black, studded, fringed outfit, complete with his dyed black Elvis hairdo and sideburns. He actually did do a decent job of impersonating the King. He tried to get her to play the tambourine for him and be part of his "band." Well, she wanted no part of that so another resident became the tambourine man.

    So Elvis starts out by going around the room to shake hands with the male residents and crooning to the female residents and giving them a little peck. I'm here to tell you - those old ladies were thrilled to death! Elvis gets around to my friend's mother, crooning and coming closer - when he gave her a peck on the forehead her eyes got as big as saucers and I though for sure they would pop right out of her head. BUT she did kind of grin and finally got into the show. Even tried to sing along a little on some of the Christmas songs - she marveled at that since she said she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

    Of course, I was enjoying the hell out of the show! First thing I know Elvis has Granny's hand and is pulling her up out of her chair to dance with him. Well, hell, Granny's ass hasn't been out on a dance floor for a coon's age. But there we were ... me and Elvis dancing a slow dance ... *s i g h* ... looking into each other's eyes and singing "Love Me Tender." Yes. Well, even though Granny has not exercised her vocal chords in quite a few years, I was apparently doing well enough that Elvis moved his mike closer.

    It was a hoot. The old folks were so into it. He also danced with one of the residents who has to be in her 80's or so. Man, she was grinning from ear to ear and shaking her booty all over the place!!

    It was a great night.

    Thanks, man, for the memories!

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