Israel Does Not Need To See the Stick to Know It Is There.

Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by Ropey, Dec 14, 2010.

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    I have lived in Israel, have a son who has made Aliyah, and I visit often.

    This I personally know. Israeli extremist --> devout --> secularism believes that we must hold Israel until the end of times.

    With a willing peace partner middle east wide, I believe we would have found peace long ago. It will take a courageous leader in Saudi Arabia to make Arabian peace. :eusa_whistle: A peace with the Hamas is no more than a Hudna which is simply a time to rest, re-arm, restructure tactics and start back up. Without a comprehensive Arabian wide peace, there is no use dealing with a fractured group of militias in Gaza. An Iranian Shia sponsored state bordering Israel?

    I think not! So, I believe that:

    Arabian wide peace must come from the house of Saud. I also believe that they will only act on this when they feel so threatened that there is no turning back for them. Then they will finance America. At the moment they are buying a lot of weapons, but then, so are all the other partners of the American Oil Hegemonic Control Partnership.

    It doesn't really make the Saudi all that more comfortable. They can't use their own people as fighter pilots and missile response teams because they are too frightened that their own people will revolt and attack their palaces.




    Saudi Arabia will top the list with $67 billion, followed by the UAE ($40bn), Oman ($12bn) and Kuwait ($7bn).


    Iran has been marginalized by the Worm

    Worms by their very nature just sit and await the proper time. They only cause damage when someone attempts to remove them. Normally, they just stay dormant, however when Iran attempted twice to remove it, the systems damage showed it's invasive depth. Iran's nuclear work is seriously hampered by the worm and sanctions.



    I am a system's analyst and follow this worm with interest. It is always interesting when things have a mind of their own. It sure throws a wrench into statistical probabilities. Imagine a missile programmed to hit Israel and fired, it is then informed by its internal systems that it is at its termination point. The centrifuges don't find their governed speed, or if at their governed speed, the governing removes itself.

    Siemens Forum --> Virus --> Stuxnet


    Demo of Stuxnet in action

    ^^This is time consuming stuff, so if you lack desire or focus I wouldn't view it.^^

    Then the true nature of this worm becomes clear. There is a reason why systems analyst in the security field call this worm "Lead Foot". Picture a foot of lead on the automobiles accelerator...


    So, for now we wait the house of Saud to work with us towards an Arabian wide peace since the Palestinians are so fractured that they can not even get their own people together without attacking each other.

    Fatah, Hamas to resume reconciliation talks. Actually... NOT. They have been paid money to agree to set a date for a meaning. They will need to be paid a lot more to actually meet together and I doubt any money will have them do more than walk away once again.


    Why would they do anything other? The money they make from the house of Saud to pretend that they are talking is far too good to pass up and this way it makes it look like the problem is those damn Jews.


    Now, with Iranian proxies twenty thousand strong in Southern Lebanon...


    Who are inviting in Nejad to walk the border of Israel and Lebanon.


    Hamas and Gaza's many other fanatic splinter groups have been arming up as well and Israel. Where's Syria located? :eusa_whistle:

    Hamas invites Nejad to come by Gaza. :cuckoo:

    And then we get all these posts about the poor Arabians who call themselves Palestinians can't get those pesky Jews to either die faster or choose their form of Peace. Peace means a far different thing in Islam than it means in the Western culture.




    Remember him?
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