Is it possible for a citizen to exist without his state but a person to exist without

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    Is it possible for a citizen to exist without his state but a person to exist without his country?

    The difference between person and citizen is defined as the difference between state and country where state is the political instrument of power while country is the geographic border that contains the person's existence. A citizen is an extension of the state who's persona exist in the public sphere which has access to political power. A person's persona exist in the private sphere which is an extension of their natural existence that contains their name, heritage, family, gender, country, and all other attributes associated with the condition they were born into.

    A person can change their citizenship but a person's person never changes regardless of what state they profess their citizenship of so your natural existence is permanent but your public persona is temporary.

    The ability to remove your public persona from your private persona means that there are two separate spheres of existence within any nation. One is the existence of being natural person that can exist without the state and the other is of being a public citizen that can't exist without the state. Your citizenship is alterable depending on what government you participate with while your natural state is unalterable and unremoveable. Your citizenship can be revoked while your person can not.

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