I don't like unions, but come on La Russa

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dr.Drock, Feb 16, 2011.

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    This guy needs to learn that when he gets drunk he needs to stay away from voice recorders, whether it be when he's driving or in the dugout.

    Here's La Russa logic, try and follow.

    Reasons why Pujols hasn't resigned;

    1.) Union is holding a gun to Pujols head when he goes to sign the contract, he's powerless to sign it.

    NOT reasons why Pujols hasn't resigned;

    1.) He wants more money than he's being offered.

    2.) He's not going to give the Cardinals a hometown discount.

    3.) His agent.

    4.) The general manager and ownership of the Cardinals.

    Pass the buck, deflect blame, bla bla bla.

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