How to Fix Voter Fraud and the Media

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    How to Fix Voter Fraud and the Media​

    PolitiJim (@politiJim)

    We have the right ideas. Even our worst guy (aka Mittens the Friendly GOP Ghost) should have walked away with the election given record unemployment, a crappy economy and an Executive who is, verifiably, a forger and Marxist. It’s true Romney didn’t MAKE an issue of the things that would have made this a clear cut choice for the people. As I’ve pointed out a zillion times, UCLA Professor Lynn Vavrick says that BIG IDEAS statistically trounce opponents in close elections. (Aren’t you sorry you dumped on Newty now?)

    Anywho, we have 2 fundamental problems BEYOND the candidate we choose to run or in allowing ourselves to be pitted against one another. I’m not talking TACTICS here about how to reverse the election immediately. Some have suggested the idea of utilizing Article 2 and the 12th Amendment where 1/3 of the Electoral College states simply withhold their participation throwing the election to the House of Representatives. The other popular idea is to utilize the tools in our Declaration and Bill of Rights to simply secede from the Federal Government,[A Call For A Second American Revolution] in order to reform THE SAME GOVERNMENT according to these founding documents. Both are fine ideas but run up against the SAME fundamental problems of which I speak. They simply CAN’T work because of these two superseding issues in my opinion:

    They are the mechanics of media (which in turn shapes opinion and drives motivation for people to get to the polls), and, the voting process itself.

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    get rid of faux news and the main stream media, also news agencies should not be corps, cause they can freely saw missleading shit and then claim freedom of speech under the scotus ruling

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