has anyone heard the good news?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by actsnoblemartin, Aug 1, 2007.

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    their was an article in the new york times, by the brookings institute, a liberal think tank and two men, who vehemently criticized bush (and right fullly so) on his mis-management of the war.

    I am always proud when the truth overtakes political parties/political beliefs.

    If we cant be honest (and discuss things rationally), without feelings, and name calling, we wont get anything done here or in washington.

    Call me crazy, but sometimes, i agree with the liberal posters on the board, the truth isnt a copyright of either party. Superlative has shown me some good things, maineman, can hold very nice discussions, he as done so with me, bullypulpit, has been nice to me. So you see, its how you say it that is more important then what you say.

    "Just because i vehemently oppose your ideas doesnt mean i have to oppose you"

    "divorce the person (you are disagreeing with) from his ideas, that makes you seem him as human, and yourself less arrogant.

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