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Jan 15, 2018 at 5:57 PM
    1. ScienceRocks
      I'll say this much...Don't blame us all as monsters but anyone that could rape or harm a little girl deserves the death penalty. We're not monsters but we do have monsters within our ranks and they should be punished just like everyone else.
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    I'm not sure most people on the Right are aware of the serious nature of what's going on in America. The Left is waging a full scale war against American conservative values, against Christianity and the Right's place in this society. As happened in Venezuela, continued complacency will eventually lead to a dramatic and unfortunate shift in control over our lives. It CAN happen whether believed or not. The Constitution doesn't protect you, YOU must protect the Constitution.

    People talk about all the nuts in Florida.....well it was never this way UNTIL all the Leftists and Liberals flooded into the state. FACT.
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