gun control in the wake of this tragedy

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    most of you know that a horrific tragedy happened last friday. a very disturbed individual killed his mother and then went to a local elementary school and gunned down 20 children and 6 adults. A horrific tragedy that the town and the families will endure for many, many years to come.

    Well this morning my local paper main headline was "Gun Control Debate Heating up in Congress" with the subheadline of "Gun control, mental health and video games to be discussed next year".

    I knew for a fact that some parasite in our government was going to use this tragedy to destroy more of our freedom and more of our rights. The democrats have been doing that for years and when their is a tragedy they jump on it fast while emotions are still raw and people are still angry and hurting so they can get their agenda passed.

    What people need to realize is that gun control is not about guns exactly. it is about taking away our basic right to defend ourself from a tyrannical government. When the government controls the guns then they have the power over us, in a way that we can do nothing about. an unarmed person is not going to be able to take on someone with a gun without alot of training and then the unarmed person is still at a huge disadvantage. not to mention that gun control will not stop someone from killing another person. Gun control, much like alcohol prohibition and outlawing drugs will be useless. it wont stop these types of shootings just like prohibition didnt stop people from buying, selling and consuming alcohol and outlawing drugs sure as hell hasnt stopped people from making, selling and consuming drugs. it is about control, government control over the population. the democrat agenda is to make slaves out of the american population. they will do this in three ways.

    1) entitlement programs-- when over 50 percent of the population gets on entitlement programs they run the country. democrats will always be elected because they will just buy votes by promising to increase the programs, voila instant election win. we are very near to this as it is.

    2) government run health care---to some people this is an entitlement and it is but to me it is different because if the government ever takes over the health care industry then they decide who gets medical care, who gets to live and die. btw we have already started on the first step for a complete government takeover of healthcare.

    3) outlaw guns-- been on the democrat agenda for well over 20 years. the reasons I outlined above detail this.

    That is it folks, a systematic takeover of a country to turn it into a dictatorship. we are nearly there. we have allowed politicians for years to slowly erode our country and slowly take away our rights and freedoms. all because they said it is best for the people. Helping people sounds good, it makes us feel better to be nice to people and do things for other people, it makes us feel like we are better than the evil people. what people need to realize is these politicians dont care about you or the people, it was never about doing what is right and good for the people with these guys. it was simply about control over the people. america was built as a country where the people didnt have to live in fear of their own government, that ultimately we control the government, well how many people feel in control of this government now? I sure dont. when this vote gets taken next year is when we the people need to make our voice be heard and not let politicians take away our freedom using the anger and emotion we all feel about 20 slain children. instead make them direct the anger to where it should be and lets use this to fix what is wrong with this countries mental health care system. dont let them blame video games or other media for violence when it is not the source of the problem. lets instead force them to enforce the laws of gun control that we already have, give police and medical proffessionals the power to deal with mentally ill people. one cop in that school, one security guard, one principal or teacher with a weapon could have averted that disaster, same with columbine high, virginia tech, pearl high school in pearl, ms. gun control and outlawing guns will not fix this problem. we only have to look back to ww2 to see what happens when a government gets total control over the people, or you can look at several middle east countries today and see what is wrong with that picture.

    now some might say man you are just being paranoid. maybe but history has proven in the past that these things do and have happened, just look at nazi germany. a entire war was fought, thousands and thousands of people died for what? one mans need for control. just about every war was fought over a small group of peoples desire for control.

    I am a cop, I see the issues with mentally ill people every day and I see how powerless the police are to stop this issue. our own mental health organizations we work with always tell them not to bring them there, take them to jail or the a hospital where they get released within a few hours with no long term care. I wear a gun on my side to work every day, when i get home I take that gun off and put it on my nightstand or up in my closet. it is always loaded because I have never figured out what a unloaded gun is supposed to do in case i need it. a burglar isnt gonna give me time to load my gun, the only other thing I could do is throw it at them but that is gonna be pretty ineffective, so I keep it loaded. I also have two daughters, ages 6 and 16 as well as a 8 year old niece at my house all the time. none of those three have ever touched this weapon. they were taught at a young age about guns and what guns do, they were also taught that there are consequences if they are ever caught playing with this weapon. Education about guns will do more to stop gun violence than any amount of gun control but even education wont stop some people and for those we must be ready to take the necessary actions to stop these senseless acts of violence. more legislation wont do it, and more legislation isnt about stopping violence, it is about control. trust me the government will do more damage than a million elementary school shooters if we let them have their way.

    god bless those children and teachers, god bless the families, my prayers are with them all each night but lets not create a bigger tragedy on top of this tragedy and giving the government more control over our lives is a much, much worse.
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