GOP Activist Factions Split Like A CNN Poll on CC&Balance V. Cut&Tax!

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    Actually shown in other posts, CNN was able to do a poll which shows the outcome to be precesely, "66% Favor," "33% Oppose," With one pecent having no opinion.

    The first question asked about the Democrats plan, "Congress would raise the debt ceiling while cutting $2. tril. to $4.0 tril in government spending. . .and raising taxes on some businesses and higher income Americans."

    The Second question was about the mainly theatrical, Republican Plan. "Congress would raise the debt ceiling only if a balanced budget amendment were passed, and substantial cuts and caps on future spending were approved."

    Both questions got the same response!

    So the loser is, The Entire Republican Party.

    The Looming GOP Split | Swampland

    The brilliant lampoon of the intransigent, Tea Faction, has been about," The Old Fat White People, Cavorting About Naked On Other People's Yachts--Dumping Substance And Other Treasure Into the Sea!"

    The boats they are on now appear to be adrift, unless they think that they are in charge, and the the mainstream activist factions have no say in the matter.

    Other polls mainly find the GOP losing support from any of the electorate at all, while Obama is mainly losing support among the liberals of his base. That is a "problem" likely easier to resolve After August 2.

    So GOP candidates have no money--but support groups--and no candidates now likely to win anything at all.

    The Nazi fanatic tactics haven't worked very well for either of the factions, though only the Tea Faction has gone basics-gesundheit in the process of events. . .doing virtually nothing, this Congress, so far!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many from Napa-Sonoma-Mendocino: Know a lot more about, "Gesundheit," than they let on. . .when they are. . .up. . .to it!)
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