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    “Someone who was dragged here when they were two years old and is now twenty and cannot speak Spanish, we cannot send them home.” That two year old, when he started school could not speak English because his parent could not speak English. Two years olds who were born here to illegal aliens began school and cannot speak English. We cannot send them home now that they are 20 because they cannot speak Spanish? But they were dragged here not speaking English and we paid for them to learn English? Let Mexico teach them Spanish if they cannot speak Spanish.

    This idiotic Republican and Democrat are talking the same BS. now that the child is 20 years old as when he was 2 years old. And 20 years from now someone like Dean and Gingrich will be talking the same BS. because illegal aliens with children will still be entering the country illegally.
    Comprehensive Immigration Reform will send them to the back of the line? And the Dream Act will send them to front of the line.

    Now some of the 2 year olds are now 20 years old and older and are having children of their own who are starting school and cannot speak English. A gift from the american taxpayers, we are teaching them English. English should be a requirement before they can enter school, a gift from their parents.

    Why has that 2 year old been allowed to stay here for 18 years with his parents?
    Dream Act now, Comprehensive Immigration Reform now and amnesty now will only mean a repeat performance in 20 years.

    Enforcement now and deportation now will finally mean immigration control. We heard the same of BS in 1986 and we don’t want to hear it over and over.
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