Freedom is illegal...

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    Freedom is illegal.......we have so many laws now you almost have to do a google search before you do a ****ing thing to make sure your not breaking one.

    The government keeps sitting on its @$$ thinking up more laws to shoehorn in which is further tightening the noose on all Americans......which in turn will ultimately lead to.......

    [ame=""]YouTube- You're Not the Boss of Me! (1 of 3)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- You're Not the Boss of Me! (2 of 3)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- You're Not the Boss of Me! (3 of 3)[/ame]
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    In the USA, criminal law (unlike the majority of Constitutional law) is written in restrictive in nature, meaning that the law restricts what you may do; things are legal until made otherwise (I've also seen the terms used in the reverse manner). Remember that the Law comes from the State, which in turns is a creation of the masses and only really exists soo long as the masses recognize it. The law, in other words, is a creation, ultimately, of you and your neighbors.

    You must learn to not treat the state as some separate entity if you are to enact any meaningful change. Any 'Enemy of the State', is merely an enemy of his neighbors with whom he has come into conflict. Remember that you are struggling against men.

    5:10 in the first video

    1) Freedom (liberty) is impossible to make illegal. Only acts may be made illegal, not conditions (the condition of slavery., for instance cannot be made illegal, only certain acts against a man which are associated with a particular form of slavery can be made illegal.

    2)'Those who are in power will always say...' The ultimate power always rests with the masses. Should the masses decide suddenly to not recognize the authority of those above them and to resist, the system collapses overnight.

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