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    Despite the high ratings, and several folks telling me this was a really good movie...I had my doubts.
    Last night I noticed it was a special $1.99 rental...so we watched it.
    I give it 2 stars....generously.
    It may be suspenseful, but it is so over the top unrealistic that I just can't suspend reality deep enough to get past it. I believe the movie indeed does a good job at showing just how ridiculous and mind numbingly frustrating it is when the military is controlled by politicians. And that part was probably fairly accurate in how it was for the military under the Obama administration. However the ability to maintain super hi-res perfect video down to the ability to count blades of grass...for hours...in perfect color is ridiculious. Even DARPA's 1.8 gigapixel camera cannot get that kind of resolution. But more than that was the general relationship and dialogue was just silly.

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