DNC/GOP BOTH admit Ron Paul is correct???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BOBO, Nov 1, 2011.

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    According to the link below...

    No deal by U.S. deficit panel would be dire: experts - Yahoo! News

    ...BOTH the DNC/GOP admit they need to make a one trillion dollar or more deficit reduction over the next decade. Ron Paul has a one trillion dollar government spending reduction plan in ONE YEAR...

    Explainer: What Ron Paul's Trillion-Dollar Spending Cuts Axe (and What They Don't) - WNYC

    ...all ready to go without raising taxes or touching social security or medicare. 99% of our house of reps(both Dem/Repub) of course want to increase taxes one way or the other instead of reducing size of government to trim the budget. I have to ask the constituency that are affiliated with the DNC/GOP, one question... do you wake up in the morning with a sore/bleeding bunger??? If you don't you outta be for that DNC/GOP organization has both hands plated firmly on the back of your shoulders & is phuking you to death.
    Ron may be GOP affiliated but is a pure Constitutionalist... one of the very few that can make that claim in today's house of reps. I say that we all start following the original instructions(Constitution) that came with our country, like fire those politicians & replace them with Constitutionally based representatives of & for the people. Ron's spending reductions plan is more than about us, for it's about our very own children's future(what's left of it) & their kids not even born yet.
    We are at a fork in the road & the road we pick to navigate off that fork is a critical decision at this time & juncture. Read the above links & let me know what you think about Ron's plan for tax reduction through government trimming.

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