Dems In No Hurry To Hold Themselves Accountable For Committee / Sex Silence Payments...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by easyt65, Dec 10, 2018.

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    While Democrats are foaming at the mouth over Trump paying a poem star for her silence, they are in no hurry to remind people that not only have they been doing that for DECADES but that they even created a committee whose soul purpose of existing was to use tax dollars to pay for the silence of their sexual misconduct victims....

    ...And they are in no hurry, as they are with Trump, to hold THEMSELVES accountable ... Or let anyone else hold them accountable.

    Congress in no rush to hold themselves accountable for sexual harassment payments

    "Under the current rules, members of Congress have been able to use taxpayer dollars for settlements stemming from sexual harassment allegations."

    Legislation that would hold Congressmen accountable for not only their sexual misconduct but also for using tax dollars to buy their victim's silence...

    Not only are the sexual criminals holding this legislation up but, in ttue Washington Insider / Establishment tradition, career politicians are covering for each other.

    In the end we are reminded again of selective hypocritical outrage from the Left. Democrats want Donald Trump's head for paying for a porn star's silence yet are remaining silent on decades of Democrats using tax dollars to pay for the silence of their own victims.

    John Conyers and others, meanwhile, were allowed to slip quietly off into retorement without being held accountable...
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