Cure The Economic Crisis By Listening ToThe Patient (We The People)?

Discussion in 'Economy' started by inlitend, Oct 10, 2008.

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    There is a simple resolution that addresses this economic crisis. However, it will require all to set aside their own selfish opinions of capitalism/socialism; both liberal and conservative. There has to be a compromise. No, contrary to most liberals capitalism is not all bad. No, social aspects of creating an economically sound government is not all bad either. When wealth is dispersed though out the global job market based on fair and humane social principles of equality, capitalism can work. In short, no more sweat shops and wage/salary disparity throughout the world. There has to be some form of independent worldwide over-site to ensure equal pay for equal work. American liberals who have profited from capitalism demand women have equal pay for equal work yet, have just come to realize this standard should be applied globally now that it affects their pocket. Call this over-site the ugly word, "union" and conservatives go mad. Oppose unions and liberals cry out," lack of job security." It doesn't matter what you call it, it has to happen. Notably, capitalist are out and out avoiding calling this crisis for what it is, because they can not see beyond profits. Question? Where are their profits now?

    So, here we go! Everyone wants to prescribe the cure yet no one is listening to the patient explain where it hurts. The patient is the global work force period. If there is inequality in the the global job market all will suffer. Common sense renders this verdict not genius. No rocket scientist needed here. Prescribe a new global market that is fair and just for all its laborers. Stop dead beating the system looking for sweat shops/slave labor and rip off work visas (latently calling all this Free Trade), that robs both the American and the foreigner. How ridiculous it is to suggest that banks need to have their confidence restored when it's clear you don't lend money to a jobless market; better yet a broke laborer who can barely afford a pot to put his excrement in. Sure, it looks as though the banks are rejecting company's with good credit, but based on what capital? Who's going to buy this company's product if no one can afford it.

    America has been the heart beat of the worlds economy. The wealth of this nation has grown from seeds of unionized/organized labor. If you had a product to be purchased at a very profitable price America had the market (id est furniture re tailors). This of course, was true of most developing European nations. Capitalism worked when it provided itself a market to obtain it's capital from. Yet, instead of being content, it found it's foundation to be a hindrance for it's upward growth. They fought to consume all the market share and incessant profits (absolute power). Sounds as ridiculous as it was and till this day seems to want to continue to be. Every well educated capitalist, knows that this sort of power corrupts absolutely. So, build a strong foundation upon which all the bricks and mortar are evenly dispersed. Why, in not just America but throughout the world did the oil companies start pulling more bricks from the foundation with inflated gas prices? Now look, all the sudden gas prices are going down to where they should have been in the first place.Too little, too late. Look, the truth is all to obvious, oil and coal = more environmental repercussions. Nuclear waste has to be stored somewhere, just not in their backyard right! Profits that yield self destruction have no sane premise.Yet, despite the opportunity to create a new green global market years ago; capitalist chose to suffocate. Now, they have cut of their own oxygen supply in more ways than one. Capitalist are destroying their own foundation in America. Needless to say the effect this is having in the world.

    Already, greed is redirecting the worlds economic path. "Restructure the worlds banking system", is now the prescription for greed. When in fact, what should be relentlessly restructured is the Global Job Market! Martin Luther King, Jr. said: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"and so this truth has prevailed. Capitalism infused with some of the principles of socialism in terms of equality in the global job market, could very well resolve the economic crisis. However, neither of the two can stand alone. Stop socializing the banking system get to the root of the problem. If even, Thomas More could see today's result of socialism certainly he to would agree, socialism just as capitalism can not be an absolute power. The two must find a way to co-exist in the same space harmoniously. Id Est Equality!

    Be Enlightened
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    Regardles of Political parties I love America ! There is no other place I'd rather be. Even though I disagree with the bank bailout and my stocks & 401k are too scary to even look at. I havent bailed out of the market. I will continue to invest in America because its the best country, I have more freedom here then I would pretty much have anywhere else. I don't want America to fail economically I don't want to give up on my country, I believe in the people of america and what the heart of America is supposed to stand for. So regardless of how mad it makes me about oil prices and corruption in our government honestly, when push comes to shove turns out I adore this fantastic country and all the people with all the diversity, opinions, expressions and authenticity. I hope we overcome this econimic crisis and heal some of the past wounds with other countries.
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    An economy based on the value and dignity of labor? where have I heard that before?

    One of my more far out friends believes the upcoming worldwide recession is by design.

    Given that so many people forsaw this coming, and given that so many who were directly involved should have seen this upcoming crises coming, and could have done something to prevent it before it manifested, I cannot entirely dismiss this theory, although even I don't want to belive people are capable of such callous indifference.

    But consider that one billion people are trying live in this world wide capitalist society on a dollar or less a day. Consider also that about two billion people are trying to make a go of it on less than two dollars a day.

    As frightening and depressing the thought of world wide depression is for most of us here in the USA, consider what a world wide depression will realistically mean to those populations and the more affluent populations who share their neighborhoods, if this decline in world commerce continues for any length of time.

    You guys who thought that Planned Parenthood was a conspiracy that was effectively wiping out mankind by abortion?

    Well, a world wide depression has the potential to see to it that about 3,000,000,000 retraoactive abortions could be happening in the world in the next couple years.

    Just another musing by your board's resident Mr. Sunshine.
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    From CNN 14 October 2008:
    The Bush administration says it will buy stakes in some of the nation's banks trying to stabilize the economy and market. The federal government is spending far more than $850 billion cost of that Wall Street bailout package. 850 includes of course the $150 billion in court. Here's what the federal government is committed to so far: $200 billion to take over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, a $29 billion loan to support the Bear Stearns buyout, a $123 billion loan to AIG, $25 billion in loans to the auto industry, up to $300 billion in federal housing administration loans to refinance failing mortgages, $50 billion to ensure money market funds and the FDIC may need a $150 billion bailout as more banks fail. 15 banks have failed so far this year, 117 are now at risk. If you're counting, that's $1.75 trillion and that's certainly not all. The number will certainly go much higher.


    Henry Paulson; Ben Bernanke; Timothy Geithner, New York Federal Reserve

    Just look at these three "cosmopolitan financiers"; they can't even look us in the eye anymore...

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