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    I have a dream of becoming a gerontological nurse and need real life experience in elderly care or other type of health care setting in order to improve my chances of being accepted to a nursing school in a few years. I have a dilemma, though. I contacted different agencies and they cannot help me because I am overqualified for an entry-level job and because I lack health related experience.

    For the past few years, while working as an executive & personal assistant in a typical office setting, I’ve been studying health & wellness diligently in order to transition into a career in health field. I am now ready to leave my current job behind as it has nothing to do with my future goals and dreams. My job is void of meaning as it offers no opportunity to help those in need. To be truthful, my job is fulfilling the whims and wishes of one wealthy person. That simply no longer satisfies my soul (if it ever did).

    So, here I am available and willing. I have a great resume and great skills, just not quite what caretakers or healthcare workers do. In particular, I’m looking for a full-time position with a livable wage in any type of health care setting, such as a caretaker in a private or institutional setting, or an administrative position in a hospital, a health organization or a non-profit health agency. I would commit to a full-time position for two years and then part-time position for another two years while I study for the degree in gerontological nursing.

    I know my life’s calling and truly believe in my abilities. I have much to offer; my passion for health and a strong calling of being service to humanity. Can YOU believe in me and help me start this beautiful and rewarding new path in my life of serving others? If you have an opportunity available or know of an opportunity in a health related setting I would be truly grateful for your help. Upon request, I provide you with my current resume & references & link to my website with my contact information.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this

    Best regards,

    Very hopeful in L.A.

    Serving others, indeed, is a life well spent

    The skills I can offer now that are related to health & caretaking:
    CPR and First Aid certification
    Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Education
    In May 2009 Bachelor’s degree with minor in Health and Wellness
    Strong background in nutrition science
    Former nanny & housekeeper (1991 – 1994)
    I have spent the past 14+ years of my life taking care of the needs of a 60-year old wealthy individual. Besides the typical office duties, my work includes conducting his exercise sessions, handling his medications, and managing many other health & nutrition related issues.

    Preview of my other skills:
    Educated in wine (Cellar Master)
    Multilingual (Spanish, French, Finnish)
    Managerial skills & employee supervision
    Extensive purchasing background
    Event coordination
    Project coordination
    Auctions & donations
    Comprehensive administrative functions
    Creative and Graphic design skills
    Great computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, Vista, Photoshop, Blackberry, Outlook, etc …)


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