Bush Won Too, the ETS prize

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    This just in from AP:
    George W. Bush has won the 'War and Fear Award' given each year by the well know doomsayers, End Time Soon, ETS has presented this award for approximately 1007 years, they formed just after the millennium didn't bring in the clouds and stuff. Bush was noted for his war policies, his talking to spirits, and his recalcitrance in the face of so much tragedy. His VP got an honorable mention for sticking to untenable positions about WMDs that brought great fear to the world. A special note went out to Homeland Security for the masking tape and plastic covering scare and the nicely colored threat notices. Conservative MSM, especially Fox, got an honorable mention for their distortions of truth which lead to so much doubt and fear. The TV show 24 was also noted for continually perpetuating stereotypes and scaring the bejeus out of the common folk. All and all it was a good year for war and fear, an ETS spokesman proclaimed.

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