Between aipac & j street & sensibility & danger

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    Israelites, Dualies and Jewry in general,
    do both the United States
    and Israel and Jews
    much harm
    by their insistence
    that the coming Presidential election be determined
    upon the basis of how it affects Israel.

    It is one thing for America to respect the right of an established state, such as Israel,
    to protect its continued existence,
    and it is an entirely different thing to expect America to protect such existence without just cause, a valid American interest at risk, and without undue hardship and expense to America and to the American people.

    Sadly, neither the American democrat or republican party shares such view,
    and unfortunatly, but not unexpectedly, the American military complex,
    has no goal other than self-serving goals,
    and thus welcomes any war or threat of war.

    And, as informed American knows, America's news media is largely controlled by Jewish interests.

    Turning to Obama,
    Obama appears to have sought to do as much as possible
    to protect Israel from an Israeli-unsustainable war as possible,
    short, of course, of committing the US to wage, or to condone such a war,
    whereas Romney's commitment to Israel may be more far reaching than than of Obama.

    Thus, not knowing what Romney might do, Obama appears to be the best choice ---if such description may be employed---for both America and Israel.

    What is foreseeable is that
    if the American establishment's support for Israel continues unabated
    that when the depression deepens enough to produce suffering such as occurred in the "30's,
    that American, and probably, world Jewry, as well,
    will be blamed for the depression and its consequences,
    and Jewry will suffer consequences beyond those suffered by Jews
    during the persecution of Jews by Hitler,
    which was less severe than it has been painted by Jewish propaganda.

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