911 Attacks and the Real Culprits

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    I have done extensive research on the 911 attacks. I am wondering if members here realize that the 911 attacks were probably planned by Israel's Mossad (their CIA). Arab terrorists did not plan 911. The hijackers for 911 were patsies. There is significant evidence that the Israeli Mossad was responsible for the 911 attacks. They infiltrated a so called terrorist organization and masterminded the attacks. They have a long history of false flag attacks - USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, The false Lybia attack on an Americans overseas which caused Reagen to bomb Lybia etc.

    The Dancing Israelis (from Urban Moving Systems) who were actually Mossad and Israeli Defense Forces personnel, were seen dancing and celebrating while video taping the first tower being hit. They were arrested and failed lie detector tests but were let go due to orders from the White House. When they returned to Israel they went on a talk show where one of them mentioned they were there to document the event. The confession video is at Youtube and other places. How could they have be there to document the event unless they had prior knowledge of the attacks!

    The Israeli Art students (arrested spies) were following and living very close to the hijackers in Florida including Atta. They were also living down the street from the hijackers residing in the Northeast coast. The street addresses are available on the Internet. They were really military surveillance and explosive experts and some were Mossad members. Surely at a minimum they intercepted the communications of the hijackers yet did not provide us the details. However, they were following the patsies to make sure they did their jobs.

    Odigo Systems, an Israeli company with a New York City office received an advanced warning by email that an attack was going to occur in New York City the day of the attack. This is verified by their CEO. They were probably not tipped off by Arabs!

    Zim American Israeli Shipping Company, also considered to be a front for the Mossad and the CIA broke their lease in one of the twin towers which cost them $50,000 and moved out about a week before the attack. Perhaps they had an advance warning. According to Ex-Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, The company was controlled by the CIA and the Mossad.

    The Zionist Dov Zakheim the former comptroller of the Pentagon who has a strong connection with System Planning Corporation the Israeli company which produces the Flight Termination System that is used to take over and fly airplanes by remote control. He had Rumsfeld announce the amazing disappearance of about two trillion dollars of Pentagon money the day before the 911 attack. He wanted citizens, reporters and government officials to forget about the missing money and focus on the 911 attacks so there would be know official inquiries. Perhaps a lot of the money went to Israel.

    Commercial pilots and military pilots at pilotsfor911truth.org claim that the maneuvers of the hijacked planes are impossible for these inexperienced hijacker pilots to perform, especially the plane maneuvers at the Pentagon which experienced pilots claim they could not perform themselves. Perhaps Dov Zakheim, his pals in Israel and remote controlled equipment were responsible for the plane attacks. Do an Internet search about Dov Zakheim 911, remote controlled planes. They put transponders on the buildings.

    Netanyahu's pal Larry Silverstein purchased the lease on the Twin Towers less than six months before the attack on 911. At the time, it was a terrible investment due to the environmental problems of the buildings. He insured them against terrorist attacks and made a fortune. perhaps Netanyahu gave him an advanced warning of the 911 attacks.

    If you go to the FBI's website and click on Osama bin Laden you will see that he is wanted for a couple of crimes but not the 911 attacks. Their spokesman said there was no hard evidence. They know that the confession tape of Osama was fixed to make him look like he was the mastermind. The tape was shown to be ridiculous by a prominent German television station.

    About one third of the hijackers are alive. They had their passports stolen. Atta was being impersonated. He was a shy conservative man is real life and not the drinking womanizer as the Mossad impersonator played him at bars just before 911.

    The amazing passport of one of the hijackers found near the twin towers that supposedly made it safely through the airplane crash was a ridiculous ploy by the Mossad.

    A few months ago a former President of Italy stated in a major Italian Newspaper that everyone in the international intelligence community knows that Israel's Mossad was responsible for the 911 attacks.

    Through front companies an Israeli security company provided airport security at all the hijacked plane airports. This might be how they were able to place the remote controlled devices on the planes.

    Seems to me the Mossad infiltrated the so called terrorist group and planned the whole event and used the hijackers as patsies. They wanted America to hate Muslims and attack Muslim countries for them and cheer them on when they kill innocent Palestinians. There is an amazing article by Albert Pastore regarding Israel and 911 on the Internet.

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    wow,great post.

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