Winners & Losers of 2016


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Aug 4, 2015
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1. Barak Obama
Barry's Legacy was on the line. GONE. Barry will now be known for his huge addition of debt, failed Obamacare, the LEAST transparent administration ever (70% criminally non-compliant with FOIA Requests, using an alias to communicate with Hillary, etc), the most Lawless President / administration every, and the worst President in US history, replacing Jimmy Carter in that capacity.

2. John Kasich
Kasich ran his primary campaign against Trump — even after his primary campaign was over. Indeed, Kasich gave a veritable masterclass in being a sore loser, turning his vehement opposition to Trump into a permanent affectation. He killed ANY hope he ever had or running for President as a Republican in the future.

3. The National Review Editorial Board
In its staunch opposition to Trump, the National Review proved itself to be as out of touch and elitist as the liberals it frequently took to task. The magazine had forgotten its roots. The magazine had become too wedded to neoconservative foreign policy and neoliberal economic policy, forgetting that the prime role of a conservative is — as the name suggests — to conserve, not to allow the middle class to be eroded and the country to wage war across much of the Middle East.

4. Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard
The neoconservatives may still have their claws firmly around the National Review, but Trump’s win proves once and for all their grip on the GOP has ended. Kristol and his neoconservative cabal at The Weekly Standard were more unwilling than even the National Review to treat Trump as a serious candidate.

(I am adding...)

5. The Washington Establishment GOP
The #NeverTrump-ers, like Kasich, sealed their fate. Going so vehemently against a fellow GOP candidate demonstrated to Americans that in order to protect their status quo they were willing to help defeat their own party cede the USSC to criminal Liberals like Hillary, and in doing so F* their own party and Constituents. Paul Ryan may have a secure Congressional Seat...but I will be surprised if he keeps his Speaker of the House position.

6. Saudi Arabia, Morocco, George Soros, etc
Billions were 'invested' by foreign nations, Wall Street Firms, Business people, Millionaires, Billionaires (George Soros) to buy access to and favors from the Clinton Presidency....and it all went down the toilet last night.


1. Senator Jeff Sessions
Sen. Sessions was the first and only senator who actually endorsed Trump prior to his securing the Republican nomination. He was also the first and only Republican senator who seemed to sense the utter destruction that globalization and mass migration worked — and will continue to work — on the U.S. The senator from Alabama had been sounding the alarm of the issues of trade and an unchecked, lawless immigration system for years before those issues provided the policy fuel for Trump's bid.

2. Laura Ingraham
Like Hannity and Drudge, LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham was one of the first and only media figures to understand not just why Trump was popular, but that he actually had a real chance at winning the election. Ingraham saw the anti-globalist writing on the wall that many of her peers in the industry are only starting to accept — reluctantly — this morning.

3. Matt Drudge
love him or hate him, Drudge / The Drudge Report became an extremely powerful media outlet, especially considering Wikileaks and even the major media outlets themselves exposed the major media as 'unethical', partisan, propaganda outlets for the DNC / Hillary that openly covered for Hillary's scandals.
-- "Drudge Report over the years has done a good job highlighting the excesses of the Left and the excesses of liberalism..."

4. Sean Hannity
Hannity often played the part of Trump's most vocal proponent on Fox News, even earning the ire of some of his colleagues in the process. Hannity faced significant amounts of criticism from both within and without the mainstream media for his defense of Trump's appeal, and for the fact that he actually made an attempt to understand Trump's positions rather than attack them blindly.

Four Biggest Winners and Losers of 2016

(*I do NOT agree with all of these - just posting the article for discussion (since this is supposed to be a message / discussion board......)


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Mar 23, 2013
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The Real World
Fully agree. Obama's legacy particularly Obamacare needs to be dismantled.
I can only hope the republicrats get on that agenda and undo not just everything the meat puppet faggot did, but a host of other detrimental regressive policies while they're at it.

I don't have a shit ton of optimism though.


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