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Why more sense in our drama for using WINE display


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Mar 4, 2011
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Karachi, Pakistan
Why more sense in our drama for using WINE display
I want to ask a common question from all concern Religious Minister, Director and Producers why now a dayÂ’s increase the sense of drinking WINE in our Urdu play to proof that we are modern and do not back ward or copying India culture? INDIAN movies or drama when there is no sense of wine drinking than their play or movie REMAIN in-complete?

First of fall what give permission or authority to drink or use wine, Accordingly to my knowledge all religion including Islam widely condemn and hate but I still fall to understand why people want to act against Islam or God to proof they are more powerful than have courage to return the DEATH angle when come to capture you soul than return him alone? Give message that I am not a ORDINARY person I will stay in this world as I like and no one have authority or power to call me back?

I must say WINE is the mother of all sin and those who called themselves as Muslims but also drinking wine are consider as non-believers or expel from Islam boundaries.

Why not drop the wrong practice for using wine in your drama, those you having taste on daily or weekly basis requested to pray to God to wash all your sin which was written due to having WINE. Which is the greatest value of sin and have an example punishment with in this world and after the death but a few people knows the facts but rest people ignoring the facts or consider they are doing against Islam teaching which is totally madness and lack of religious knowledge.

I must say rich people of our society introduce WEST trend to serve wine and no guilty or shame or fear to face God punishment? Which is act totally un-Islamic.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )


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Jun 5, 2008
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You Moslem lost any chance that I'd convert to Islam when I discovered that you folks consider dogs UNCLEAN.

I could easily give up wine, gambling and pork, but I likes me a good dog, I does.

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