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Why is Obama/Dems against average person becoming a millionaire???


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Sep 19, 2011
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Most Americans can become millionaires if Obama/Democrats were NOT so against it!
Simple solution.
If every American age 23 entering workforce WERE allowed to accumulate using their payroll taxes could accumulate over 42 years of working $1 million!

So why are liberals/democrats/progressives against that?
The average college graduate entering workforce age 23 will pay at current payroll and employer will contribute equally over $278,859 assuming every ten years worker pay increases at rate of 2% a year.

With the mandatory deductions going just into secured bonds paying 4.5% and the marvel of compound interest accumulates $1,049,453 YET Obama/dems/liberals continual criticize as "gambling on stock market" or giving it to Wall Street!
Total scare tactics! I just don't understand why they begrudge ANYONE from accumulating a nest egg that would NOT require the govt. to pay for retirement or health care!
And as a result our Economy would be tremendous. NO unemployment!
NO unemployment payments! NO welfare!
Every worker setting aside for their retirement and when they die, the nest is passed on to their heirs! Again tremendous benefit to the average working American!!!

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