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Why import tariffs are the solution


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Jersey
Instead of protecting companies profits over American workers and their jobs our government should be protecting American workers and their jobs from being exploited by companies.

An import tariff equal to the cost it would be to have made the product in America with American workers, takes away the incentive and benefits to use cheap overseas labor.

It protects American workers and by doing so, in the long haul, protects American companies and any others who build factories here and use American workers.

It will reduce income taxes by 40%... The government would collect billions in import tariffs annually.

By having import tariffs on products made by foreign workers, our government is working for the American worker and consumers.

The argument that it interferes with the free market is absurd because currently,

corporations are using the government to take your tax dollars with low interest loans and cut U.S. workers wages down as low as they possibly can, while building plants and factories overseas and hiring low wage workers instead.

Corporations have used government to pervert intellectual property laws in trademark copyright and patents to stifle competition.

Corporations use government to create monopolies and mergers that close out free market capitalism.

Government is being corrupted by corporations to work in their interests instead in the interests of the public for whom it is supposed to serve, not the corporate capitalist goals of a tiny few.

If they want to sell their products in China and elsewhere they can go to China and use cheap labor, cheap raw materials and relaxed restrictions on pollution. They will be selling to a population in China who work for 1/5 the wages and will have to sell those products to them at a price they can afford. The exact same product they currently sell in America to Americans for 5 times as much and make 5 times more, at the expense of the American consumer and American jobs.

Corporations both U.S. and foreign, want to sell in America without paying decent wages and charge higher prices simply because temporarily we can pay the higher prices. They have the U.S. government in their pocket, allowing them to exploit American citizens by allowing them to outsource their jobs and protecting them from tariffs on imports so they can make more profits off the American consumers when they import them back here and charge inflated prices for the same products they sell in the country where they were made for a fraction of the price they charge you..

They exploit the poor, violate human rights, dismantle free enterprise and America itself, for their own personal greed. To benefit a few financially at the top of these corporations.

The only way to make government start doing its job is to reform the corporations by coordinated boycotts and buying freezes, one at the time. They will reform because we will not be buying Ford automobiles until they join us in demanding the government impose an import tariff equal to what it would cost to build the product in America.

read more Stop the exporting of jobs with Import tariffs | BuyingFreeze.org

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Sep 15, 2008
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Import Tariffs are what helped build this country. Free Trade is what's destroying it.


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Mar 23, 2010
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Baltimore adjacent
Import Tariffs are what helped build this country. Free Trade is what's destroying it.

Import tariffs are also one of the things that extended the Great Depression. Double-edged sword!!!

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