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Why does doing the right thing feel like I gave up some of my freedom?


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Oct 3, 2009
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Why does doing the right thing always feel like something so oppressive when it comes from the left? It is usually followed up with more restraints on my life which leads to less freedom. I can't figure out why in this country freedom can so easily be trumped by calls for doing the right thing. I consider myself liberal in the very old way in which a human being was free to do what they want and pursue what they thought was the right thing for themselves. I know it leads to people being greedy, sinful, lusting, and etc but aren't those sins based on someone's already established morality that was probably derived from their religion? If that is the case shouldn't violations of that code such as greed, sin, lust, and many other wonderful behaviors we like to engage in be between that person and their religion and not be between them and their elected politicians?

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