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Mar 2, 2015
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I used to be able to eat the 365 albacore canned tuna, and enjoyed it for years. But after cutting back on tuna due to mercury, I bought three cans of the above tuna. Since sulfite sensitivity is cumulative, I didn't know if i was hit by something else. But, after eating the second can weeks later, I was sure the tuna was the culprit. It even has a different smell than it did prior. The "No Additives" on the label is untrue. It's know that popular brands have sulfites, and I realize much of its administration occurs on boats, but I used to be able to trust your labels. I'm finding that I can no longer do so.

I have missed countless days of work due to sulfite sensitivity, as well as visits to the emergency room. I take molybedum, Benedryl, B-12 (H1 inhibitor) and Zantac (H2 inhibitor), and had been managing my inability to process sulfites reasonably well. I started shopping at the Rockville, MD store when it opened and recommended many other sulfite sensitive people your way. I've spent many thousands of dollars there and the Arlington/Tysons stores. (Paul the manager at Arlington actually calls me "Sulfites", since I always ask about products.) But now, I can't trust packaged and prepared foods in your store. Whether it's the dough conditioner in your breads and pizza dough, coloring and dyes, and other sulfur dioxide sources, they are all hidden. The directive to not show ingredients in the deli section is disheartening.

I realize the government requires labeling for 10ppm and more wrt sulfites. But, after a two hour conversation with an FDA representative, they have realized that number was but an educated guess. Involved government agencies are meeting in June to revise labeling requirements, based upon research from Australian and New Zealand scientists.

I hope that Whole Foods takes the labeling requests on this board seriously. Like peanuts and other allergens, sulfites have caused multiple deaths in this country. The sensitive can avoid high sulfur foods, but without full disclosure we're losing a former advocate and source of food.

The tuna issue is the last straw!

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