What's Liz's next move?

She wants to restore traditional conservative values/policies to the former GOP.
The Old Right Thinks They've Suckered MAGAmen In

Just like the Preppies and Preppiettes took over the formerly Democratic Party and ejected commoners, those born in the White working class will take over the GOP and reject Legacy Lizzy's traditional Con Men.

The reversal started in 1960, when the Dems nominated a richkid for President and a self-made man for lowly Vice-President and the GOP did the reverse of that.
It's encouraging to see you admit he will try to exact revenge. It's frightening to think you'd vote for such a person.
Nope, sorry Godboy, But mark the calendar, I actually agree with berg on this very narrow point. Trump let Hillary go…Did that ho a solid right there…But, Trump knows the areas in need of cleaning, Start with the DoJ…US Atty’s should probably start updating résumé’s…
I don't know what she has in mind but it's hard to imagine she'll sit idly by with the stakes being so high.
If Cheney had the courage and true commitment, she’s campaign for President Biden and start a Republicans for Biden organization – anything else would be a half measure and ineffective.

But Cheney is ultimately a blind partisan rightwing hack; indeed, she’ll likely vote for Trump.
She wants to restore traditional conservative values/policies to the former GOP. Not be a celebrity on TV.
Actually not.

Cheney voted in line with Trump’s position 92.9% of the time; Cheney supports the failed, wrongheaded, reckless, and irresponsible Trump agenda – she approves of the message, she just doesn’t like the messenger.
She's already garnering plenty of attention by rattling subhuman ape Trump's cage. She's been driving him up a wall since before the hearings took place.

And there ain't a damn thing he can do about it because he can't control her, unlike his MAGA rabble who he has wrapped around his little finger.

And that's how ya's like it.
Nothing rattles Trump cage and it will not be her when. or if, it happens.
Cheney fuels speculation about her next move

Speculation is growing about the role former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) will play in the 2024 election as President Biden and former President Trump barrel toward a rematch.

Cheney has vowed that she’ll do whatever it takes to keep Trump from returning to the White House. She has left the door open to running an independent bid and recently launched her political action committee, the Great Task, after Nikki Haley dropped her long-shot primary challenge against Trump.

At the same time, she has said she won’t be a spoiler third-party candidate if it helps Trump — leaving some Democrats curious, even hopeful, she’ll publicly endorse Biden instead.

“If you had asked me 20 years ago, whether I thought it was a really good idea for Democrats to team up with a Cheney, I would have told you that you were drinking something,” said Democratic strategist Jennifer Holdsworth. “But in this day and age, I think the more democracy-focused folks we have working towards the same goal, the better.”

Cheney fuels speculation about her next move

I don't know what she has in mind but it's hard to imagine she'll sit idly by with the stakes being so high. No doubt she's been getting some advice from her dad, Shooter Dick. The focus really needs to be those in the persuadable middle and those who are reluctant to come to grips with their enormous error of judgement.

New $50 Million Campaign Showcases Former Trump Voters Refusing to Support Him Again

You can hear what they have to say here. Republican Voters Against Trump
The Daughter If Satan is the new Dimwinger Messiah.:auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg:

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