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Nov 17, 2012
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Most people need to involve government in every aspect of their life and business, such as taxation, registration, licensing, education, healthcare, and so on. Here is where the concept of weaponized language comes in. You begin with mandating a national language law. Then you demand all the above government services to be contacted and conducted in that single national language.

How bad is this? I propose that this is looting. This makes everybody impossible who doesn't want to use the language of nationalists.

This prevents you from going to court and defending yourself if necessary. This makes you free game for the pickings by law enforcement. And this kicks you out of school.

In French class, the teacher made the whole class laugh at me when I proposed this thesis. Then she gave me an F when I submitted my next work in English instead of French.

So, are national language laws a work of Satan? Does she work for Satan?

Countries that conduct the offense of weaponized language are France, Slovakia, and China, to mention just a few on top. Wars that happened as a result of weaponized language are the Dutch-Wallon war that split the Netherlands, the Bangladesh-Pakistan war that split East Pakistan, the destruction of Austria-Hingary, the British-HongKong deal, the current Ukraine war, and so on.


(Disclaim that English cannot be weaponized because it is a worldwide glue like Latin used to be. Also disclaim that refugees and recent immigrants cannot stay without learning at least one of the local languages of their host country.)

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