Want to know how a corrupt Police State works? This is our OPP, the provincial police! Read this:OPP officer sees 2020 criminal charges dropped


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Aug 6, 2012
This is just one of MANY stories Americans don't read about, they destroyed a man for trying to expose the abusers within his own ranks.

Read through ALL of the corruption and interference, even from spouses of the police. Look of the litany of charges she faced. That is how unaccountable and unconcerned they are and YOU American cops are helping us. If you have ever helped the TPS alone you should throw your badge in the garbage in disgrace because it represents what DNA you possess:

Notice the recommendations, even being advised to guard the evidence he had "with his life", because he knows how corrupt the police themselves are. Frightening. THIS is what occurs in a police state and it is well supported by our politicians and "justice system".

If you are an American police force, you want to be professional and follow the law, not be an agent provocateur or threat manufacturer and you are working with Canadian police, you are basically a stooge for a Soviet-likw system. We even have some of our police rubbing with Soviet police in "competition".

Wake up American, THIS is what you are propping up. We are NOT your ally.

Charges against a Wellington County OPP officer from 2020 have been withdrawn.

According to court records, charges against Const. Sukhvinder Singh Toor of the Wellington County OPP, filed in 2020, were withdrawn Aug. 28.

Court records indicate Toor’s trial had originally been scheduled to begin earlier this year, but those dates were formally vacated in late February. In a court appearance May 29, the day his trial was originally scheduled to begin, Toor’s lawyer and the Crown appeared in court “to confirm the matter has been resolved.”

“My client maintained his innocence since day one and we were quite prepared to proceed to trial if necessary,” Leo Kinahan, Toor’s legal counsel, told the Mercury Tribune via email.

“The matter was resolved in a manner acceptable to all and the exercise of discretion by (Andrew) Nicol as the prosecuting Crown attorney was a just and equitable resolution to everyone, including, I believe, certain individuals within the OPP and the overall organization itself, given some of the circumstances of this investigation.”

Toor, then a 14-year member of the force, was first charged in February 2020 with breach of trust, attempt to obstruct justice, interception of private communication and disclosure of private communication, stemming from an investigation by the OPP’s professional standards bureau.

At the time of his 2020 arrest, the Mercury Tribune reported Toor had been suspended from duty when those charges were filed. In an email to the Mercury Tribune, OPP West Region spokesperson Derek Rogers said Toor is still suspended with pay, and that his “employment will cease” on Oct. 31 due to “a personnel matter and we cannot elaborate.”

According to public salary disclosures, Toor received more than $335,000 in salary between 2020 and 2022.

Some details of the allegations against Toor were heard in court in May 2021 when another member of Wellington County OPP, Sgt. Jamie Gillespie, entered a guilty plea for attempting to intercept private communications, resulting in an 18-month suspended sentence.

According to an agreed upon statement of facts, Gillespie alleged Toor had secretly recorded fellow officers talking about sexual assault allegations against another OPP member, Sgt. Michael Dolderman, in early 2020.

Gillespie also alleged he had spoken with Toor about the allegations against Dolderman and had urged him to continue making records and to guard the ones he had “with his life.”

In April 2020, Dolderman was charged with five counts of sexual assault and five counts of breach of trust. The allegations against Dolderman have not yet been heard at trial, with his next court date scheduled for Sept. 15.

Also arrested in 2020 was Brenda Dolderman, Michael’s wife, being charged with three counts of obstructing justice; four months later, she would be further charged with intimidation of a justice system participant, attempt to obstruct justice and extortion.

Brenda Dolderman would enter a guilty plea to obstructing justice, and was sentenced in February 2023 to three months of house arrest, 12 months of probation and community service.

However, the next month she was arrested and charged with disclosure of private communication, with a news release from Wellington County OPP at the time stating a document “was sent to three senior members of the Ontario Provincial Police,” adding that “an audio recording of confidential conversations had been illegally obtained in 2020 and a transcription of the recording was created.”

That charge was stayed by the Crown in early August, with proceedings on the mat
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Quit whining like a little bitch. If you hate Canada so much, pack your shit and go. I don't know of anyone but you who cares what Canada does. I'm not sure I blame that woman that kicked your ass. You can put up with just so much bitching and whining.
Quit whining like a little bitch. If you hate Canada so much, pack your shit and go. I don't know of anyone but you who cares what Canada does. I'm not sure I blame that woman that kicked your ass. You can put up with just so much bitching and whining.

This is why all around the globe the West is in trouble.

Open up a history book and try to understand what is going on. I even see people like Dick Cheney whining to a Chinese official in an interview before the official puts him in his place, even though for once Cheney was right though he illustrated just how naive U.S officials were for so long.

You are losing because you decided that "civil liberties, human rights and values don't matter anymore" and you erased that requirement of even your allies.

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