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Nov 22, 2003

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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Missouri ACORN Voter Fraud Scandal Makes the National News

Here's the latest on the Missouri ACORN/democratic voter fraud scandal...

Kansas City officials say this is the most irresponsible and extensive voter registration abuse in Missouri in the twenty five years they have been on the job with the Kansas City Board of Elections.

That's saying a lot considering there were 16 convictions of election crimes since 2004 in the St. Louis area alone!

ACORN says it may be just honest mistakes that were made.

Already the Republican Party of Missouri has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against ACORN due to this video posted at PubDef blog in St. Louis. The video shows ACORN employees who claim that they were told by ACORN to solicit votes for Democratic Senatorial Candidate Claire McCaskill. The McCaskill Campaign claims it has nothing to do with ACORN or its registration drive.

Bogus voter-address changes in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Hundreds of bogus address changes have surfaced near St. Louis and the election board is warning voters to make sure they get a polling-place notification card.

If the card does not show up, a voter's address may have been fraudulently changed, the county elections director said.

The bogus address changes are among fraudulent voter-registration cards turning up in St. Louis County within the past couple of months, The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported.

The bogus registrations included at least one dead person, officials said.

Most of the suspicious registrations and address changes were submitted by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN, election officials said.

ACORN is under scrutiny for thousands of suspicious voter registrations submitted in St. Louis, which is separate from St. Louis County, and Kansas City.

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You know its amazing. There are stories about Democrats doing this every freaking election. Yet it gets totally ignored by the media for the most part.

Meanwhile they by every freaking conspiracy theory on how Republicans "stole" the election with zero evidence. I am so sick and tired of this.

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