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Virginia's Attorney-General Elect Is Asked If He Will Investigate Loudoun County School Board And His Answer Is Shockingly Simple And On Point: "YES"

The Purge

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Aug 16, 2018
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Red State ^ | 11/04/2021 | Kira Davis
Posted on 11/5/2021, 12:31:49 AM by SeekAndFind

Jason Miyares became a part of Virginia’s historic “red wave” on Tuesday night when he defeated the incumbent Attorney-General to become the first hispanic attorney-general in the state’s history.

The election of Miyares, alongside Youngkin’s huge win, signals a longing of the people to return to some semblance of order and representation.

At a Thursday press conference to announce his transition team, Miyares spoke about his desire to get back to basics for the AG’s office. He spoke of how his predecessor described his desire to make the AG’s office into a “progressive powerhouse” and how the new goal is to return to focusing on safety and law enforcement support. Miyares said it is more important than ever to be focusing on criminal prosecution at a time when the murder rate in Virginia is higher than it’s been in two decades.

But perhaps the most interesting thing Miyares said involved a single word answer to question that is on everyone’s mind, and was asked by one reporter during the press conference.

“Do you plan to investigate Loudoun County public schools and the recent school assaults that have happened there?”

Miyares’ answer was short and sweet and to the point.


It was perfect. No need to belabor the point. Loudon County schools are a mess and the Loudon County school board is a menace and they will be investigated by the public office tasked with protecting the people.


More of this, please. Given the results of this election vs just 1 year ago I would like to see the new AG audit the 2020 Virginia election too. The left are always pulling something and then destroying the evidence. They also spent several years touting CRT and now that parents woke up (pun intended) to what is being done to their kids they pretend it wasn’t their idea. I watched a video of MSM being hysterical as patriot parents destroy CRT, and you can check it out in crawler link top of page at Whatfinger News. Critical Race(IST) Theory proves demonRATs don’t want equality of opportunity, they want to drop one of their buses on white kids. By all means go after Loudoun County School Board but let’s not let the big fish just swim off.

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