Video of Pal terrorist attack on Israeli troops


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Oct 25, 2009
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'Activists threw stun grenades'

This was a staged propoganda move.

The videos show how the terrorists attacked Israeli soldiers with metal rods, and shot live ammo at the troops.

And this is Israel's fault? :cuckoo:

Since this propoganda attack has worked so well, they are going to send another bunch of bunch of boats.

Obama has to take a clear stand and state that Israel has every right to inspect ships that could have missiles that could be shot into Israeli cities.

That if they truely want to give aid they can do so going through the proper channels.

And that Israeli soldiers have every right to defend themselves against terrorists who attack them.

It's Obama's hostility toward Israel that has been fuelling the terrorists, and showing them that they have opening to pour gasoline into the fire.

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