Usain Bolt finally stripped of his first medal, 8 years after Beijing OIympics


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Apr 26, 2014
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Jan 25, 2017 - It's about Beijing (word not mentioned in headlines) 2008 (word also omitted in article):
Usain Bolt loses gold medal after relay teammate found guilty of doping
Usain Bolt loses gold medal after relay teammate found guilty of doping

Usain Bolt finally stripped of his first medal, 7 years after the first scripted date
Athletics, the base sport, despite bombed to oblivion for decades now, still the #1 sport at the Olympics.
Bolt set countless milestones in athletics, and this one above all:
Fastest man ever and, as predicted by Last Prophet in an article published hours later, Aug 2009, FOREVER.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Jul 2016, before the Rio Olympics, referencing the article from 2009:

One of the consequences of postponing the BIG BANG again and again:
Usain Bolt won't be stripped only from 3 Olympic medals as predicted 2009 but from at least 6.
The BIG BANG won't take place before the Rio Olympics so it's possible that the final total will be 9, with Bolt again writing History: the triple triple while setting new records for uninterrupted series of world titles since 2007.
In any case Bolt will be stripped of more world titles than Armstrong's 7 Tour titles, alias ALL of them, as precised by Last Prophet in 2005, when Lance retired.

Bolt casted in the figurative genocide in sports
Russian athletes, first ones to be banned from the Olympics just because of their nationality
Bolt blackmailed to participate as "supporter of Russia's ban" alias the ongoing figurative genocide (just for being, in this case russian) in sports, before global genocide during the BIG BANG.
The grotesque was previously pushed to the utter limits: start of mass executions of kenyan and ethiopian athletes with accusations of doping.
All this possible because of what was explained and is as simple as this:
"Putin" & Russia gov = Kenyatta & Kenya gov = Ethiopia gov = Jamaica gov = traitorous illuminazi agents.

Reminder from 2015:
After the illuminati were again forced to postpone the BIG BANG leading to have the athletes compete for the world titles again at Beijing:
Illuminazi will terminate Usain Bolt after his Beijing races at the stadium where he became the fastest man ever AND as predicted 2009 FOREVER.
The previous statement is literally what Last Prophet predicted in 2008, albeit at the end of the day Beijing stands for World Championships 2015 not for Olympics 2008.
This as what started with Ben Johnson at Seoul 1988, portrayed at that time as an exception, is served as "one out of 3 medalists on dope" now, at the end of the show.

All explained years ago. From 2009, timestamp verifiable in webarchive
Ongoing execution of Usain Bolt, in two acts: falsely accused of doping in Beijing and stripped shortly after.
It's also a parallel script to actor "Obama arrested, stripped", will "confess the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Politics" on TV to Oprah Winfrey (at the end of the day it was Lance Armstrong who started the series of confessions to Oprah).

Doping conspiracy echoed by NOBODY ever since it was exposed in the web, 1999:
Doping improves performance in running, jumping and cycling" is a lie sold by the illuminati through false accusations to the champions.

Marion Jones was the first champion forced to confess what he didn't do.
The climax for the Gitmo type of "confessions": Lance Armstrong, who otherwise would have been jailed and also stripped not only of titles but of everything.

Goals include:
- Marketing the chemical industry, the agenda of increased use of drugs, or in other words fulfilling the illuminati religion's "Black is White";
- Discourage youth to get into athletics, destroying the principle of "healthy mind in healthy body", required to totally brainwash youth;
- stage justice, again with the illuminati religion's "Black is White": the biggest deceivers in human history (illuminati, black) combat fraud (justice, white);
- Divert attention from the fact that humans reached the physical limits, part of various agendas, starting with "theory of evolution" (hoax created by illuminati).
Doping Conspiracy - Destroy Natural Sports Icons, sell "Drugs is better" Hoax: Lance Armstrong not Usain Bolt will be summarily executed first

6666 New York Win 4 Lottery Pick on Trump's inauguration predicted by Last Prophet - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE
Reminder from Dec 2016
The original date for the act "Osama resurrects" was Easter Sunday. It had to be postponed SIX times, three of them already after the act "missing Boeing 777".
Obama Bin Laden resurrection: FINAL COUNTDOWN: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond: perfect 6666 matrix after 6 failed Easter Sundays
Big Bang is NOW - from annihilation of pensions and savings to race war: FINAL COUNTDOWN: perfect 6666 matrix 6 failed Easter Sundays: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond

All in Blog
Doping Conspiracy - Destroy Natural Sports Icons, sell "Drugs is better" Hoax: Usain Bolt finally stripped first medal, 7 years after original scripted date
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